Baker Prairie Middle School Fundraiser

Baker Prairie Middle School Fundraiser

Goodness Soaps is currently working together with parents and students at Baker Prairie Middle School in Canby, Oregon to raise funds for a trip abroad. Travelling at a young age is so important because one can learn things about other cultures that are impossible to truly understand from a book. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for these small-town kids. The information below is for parents and students participating in the sales efforts. There is also information toward the bottom in purple for customers who want to help, but do not have a student involved in the fundraiser. 

Documents to print: If you are a parent or student participating in the fundraiser, here are the documents you will need for your sales efforts. It would be a good idea to get the photo page (pg.1) laser printed in high quality and laminated. The order sheet does not need to be printed in high quality.

Deadline: All order sheets should be scanned back to Goodness Soaps at by the last day of the fundraiser: 2/28/18.

Shipping: Orders will begin shipping in March, and will ship to the shipping address on the order form. Parents and students will need to distribute the products to their customers. 

Other Ordering Methods: Customers may also submit their orders directly on our website. They should put a note on the order stating:Baker Prairie/name of student to get credit. If customers submit the order directly on they can pay with paypal or credit card and the order will most likely ship to them faster. This is a good alternative for customers who want to pay with a card or want a quicker shipment.

Random Good Deed People: If you do not have a student at Baker Prairie Middle School, but you would like to order something to help these kids, Please do! Order anything and place a note on your order at checkout stating "Baker Prairie general support'. General support fundraising will be distributed evenly among the students participating. 

Frequently Asked Question Sheet and Contact info for Goodness Soaps: Here are some frequently asked questions and answers designed to help you and your student when you are out in the community talking soap! You should print this sheet as well and bring it with you. If you get stuck, Call me! I will try to help: Jennifer Dimitriu (541) 283-6364.  You may also text me, just remember to tell me who you are! "Hi, I'm a parent at Baker prairie" for example.

Lets send these kids on a trip!!


Good luck everyone!


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