Blue light damage-Is your cell phone ruining your skin?

Blue light damage-Is your cell phone ruining your skin?

Summer is fast approaching and you are probably current on the latest sunscreen knowledge for 2019. You, me and everyone else thought slathering ourselves with sunscreen is the only thing needed to protect from damage caused by high frequency light. But another skin destroyer lurks year-round! Pull up a chair sister!




blue light causes pre-mature aging and skin damage free radical scavengers



 High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light Damage

Blue light damages skin and eyes
Cell phones, computers, and T.V are all damaging our skin




Research indicates that blue light emitted from sources like cell phones and computers can cause photo-aging to skin similar to UVA rays from the sun (Nakashima, Ohta, & Wolf, 2017). Blue (HEV) light also damages your eyes. If that wasn't enough, it causes sleeplessness if exposure occurs in the evening hours. Ugh, those are the best hours to be in front of screens! That's when all the fun happens!





 Pollution Skin Damage


Indoor pollution can age skin
Fine Particulate Matter less than 2.5 microns is damaging our skin!




Chinese scientists have proven that relatively clean air indoors has enough "PM 2.5" (fine particulate matter) to cause signs of premature aging. Signs of premature aging due to fine particulate matter indoors in this study included more age spotslip wrinkles, and sagging skin. (Ding, et al., 2017). In an additional study, skin damage due to UV was proven to be twice as bad in urban areas vs. rural areas because of the pollution! (Gillette, 2011) Yikes!
OK, Enough bad news! Right?!




 blue light skin damage is a big deal



 Here are some tips to help you block that blue light damage and deflect pollution skin damage!




Change your settings

Blue light from cell phones and computers damages your eyes and causes sleeplessness
Blue light from electronics can harm your eyes and stop you from sleeping


Phone and computer manufacturers are aware of the harm blue light emissions can do to your eyes and your sleep patterns. If you have a relatively new android or windows device then you probably have "night mode". You can set this to come on automatically at night, or you can leave it on all the time. Here is a link to set night mode blue light filter in Windows 10 devices. Here is a link to set nightshift blue light filter in your Apple iPhone or IPad. 



Shield yourself!

uva and uvb rays still harm your skin and eyes on cloudy days
wear sunscreen all year round


Continue to wear sunscreen even after summer is over. The largest source of blue light is the sun! Even on cloudy days the sun’s visible blue light, UVA and UVB rays still reach your skin and eyes.
Purchase a sunscreen with Lutein to block blue light. Lutein will block the visible blue light that normal sunscreen ingredients cannot block or scatter. 





Eat your Veggies

vegetables high in lutein will protect skin and eyes from blue light damage 
Eat your vegetables-especially leafy greens, yellow, and orange 




Fruits and vegetables high in lutein will help protect your skin and your eyes against blue light damage! An easy way to tell which fruits and vegetables have Lutein is to choose green, yellow, and orange. Click here for a link to see a searchable database of foods high in Lutein. Or, check out the top ten below! 




Related image



Air Filters-change them regularly


skin damage due to indoor pollution can be lessened by changing your air filters
Change your air filters regularly


Change your home and car air filters on time and use the best quality air filters you can afford. Try to make sure your filters are rated for particles smaller than 2.5 microns. 




Wash the day away-and the microparticles

skin damage due to pollution can be lessened if you wash yourself when you get off work
Shower off when you get home


Take a shower when you get home for the day. Use natural bar soap without artificial lathering agents and a clean washcloth. Plastic "poofs" or luffas store bacteria and particles. Shower gels contain artificial lather enhancers that can alter a layer of your skin called the stratum corneum. This enhances the penetration of other chemicals!  In fact, one of the main ingredients in shower gel, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,  has been studied and found effective to enhance the penetration of drugs into the skin. (Laffleur, Pschick, Barthelmes, Hauptstein, & Bernkop-Schnürch, 2018) (P, ey, Mittal, Chauhan, & Alam, 2014)


Chart from a 2014 study showing how much these common shower gel ingredients (surfactants like Sodium lauryl sulfate) enhance drug absorption


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If one of the main ingredients in your shower gel can enhance the penetration of drugs. What do you think it can do for those tiny pollution particles less than 2.5 microns? Using Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is like opening the door and saying "come on in skin-damaging pollution particles!".








Block Pollution skin damage

Block pollution from damaging your skin with pollution blocking skincare ingredients 
Look for products with a pollution blocking/shielding pollution-removing ingredient. 


There are several of these designer ingredients on the market. Goodness Soaps does not get any incentive to recommend one or the other. The ingredient we will be using soon in lotions, serums, and facial cleansers is called PollushieldTM and it is produced by a company called Lipotec. Here are some details about Pollushield
TM .


Tests on skin explants showed skin exposed to pollution suffered from decreased collagen, altered cell morphology, and keratinocyte cell death. Skin treated with 5% PollushieldTM in carboxymethylcellulose did not show any of these problems. 


Key benefits
  • Protects skin and hair from pollution 
  • Contains strong anti-oxidant and a metal chelator 
  • Eases removal of microparticles from the skin to make skin brighter and cleaner 
  • Increases hair’s shine by removing microparticles and metals 
  • Decreases lipid peroxides and increases the anti-oxidative capacity of the skin 
  • Reduces skin damage from oxidative stress, which can lead to wrinkling, dryness, and hyperpigmentation, as well as acne and clogged pores” -Lotioncrafter


Look for pollution blocking products soon at Goodness Soaps. 





eat as many anti-oxidants as possible to combat pollution damage to your skin


Eat as many super-foods as you can. These foods are highest in nutrients and anti-oxidants and lowest in all the stuff that is bad for you. When microparticles make it to the inner layers of your skin, they cause oxidative damage. These tiny particles can react with the oxygen atoms in your cells to make them unstable. This generates a chain reaction so that those Oxygen atoms go around reacting with the others causing more damage. It's like that saying "One bad apple spoils the whole bunch". It really does. 
anti-oxidants can stop oxidation due to pollution particles
Anti-oxidants are compounds that can donate an electron to these unstable particles without becoming unstable themselves. It stops the chain reaction and things go back to normal. 



Summary-Blue Light Skin Damage and Pollution Skin Damage

Pollution and Blue light can both do a number on your skin. But if you follow these tips you be well on your way to conquering these new skinemies! Don't forget that night mode setting! 
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Jennifer Dimitriu

Jennifer Dimitriu Goodness soaps


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Blue light damage and Pollution skin damage


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