Dole Patio Gillett, Our Amazing Apron Designer

Posted on November 21 2016

If we told you there was  woman with fashion design degree, and over 30 years experience designing and sewing our aprons... would you believe us? Well, it's true! We are very lucky to have the creative skills of Dole Patio Gillett designing and sewing for Goodness Soaps. 

Dole Patio-Professional designer

Dole Patio Gillett-Fashion Designer

Dole's Story

Dole grew up in the Phillipines and began sewing when she was a girl. Her and her 6 sisters used to reinvent garments for eachother and create their own clothing to wear to school. She also used to sketch dresses for her mother to sew her when she was in high school. With 6 sisters all of whom wanted custom dresses, Dole was exposed to tons of designing and sewing in her formative years. Dole's early interest in sewing led to her attending the International School of Arts in the Phillipines, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in fashion design.

Once graduated from Design School, Dole opened her own boutique "Dole Patio" in Manilla, Phillippinnes. She then travelled to Jeda, Dubai, Ryad, and China, where she worked as a designer, pattern maker, cutter, and sewer. Because of her diverse work experience all over the world Dole speaks Tagalog, English and Arabic. 






 Some of Dole's designs


I asked Dole what she thinks is unique about her as a designer. She said:

"I don't just design. I also make my own patterns and can show a seamstress how to cut and sew them, or sew it myself. I do every part of the process, so if someone brings me a sketch and asks me to make it, I can do it."

I can personally attest to her skill. I brought her an Armani shirt of my husband's to make in some different materials. To my astonishment Dole produced garments that were 100% accurate, but her button holes and collars were actually better. She upgraded Armani! Her talent is truly extraordinary. Dole specializes in gowns and shirts.

My Husband in one of the shirts Dole made!

Now, Dole is here, in the United States (lucky for us!). She got her brand new U.S citizenship on 9/26/2016! Congratulations, Dole! 

We are so fortunate to have Dole Patio desiging and sewing our new line of crafting aprons! These aprons are double layered and fully reversible with unique details you won't see elsewhere: piping, drawsting back-ties, double organza ruffles, removable organza bow sash that always stays tied, and more!

Fully reversible "Duchess" apron is pictured with and without bow sash, also reversed to show both sides.  

If you order one of our aprons you can have confidence it is made to he highest standard of quality. You can also request customizations, knowing a professional designer will be able to work with you to accomplish exactly what you want!




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