Rosehip Oil-Get Supermodel Skin

Rosehip Oil-Get Supermodel Skin

Rosehip seed oilRosehip Oil-Get Supermodel Skin

Have you heard the buzz about Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr using rosehip seed oil on her face every night? Perhaps you’ve heard Duchess Kate Middleton also swears by the stuff? Or maybe you read about Gwyneth Paltrow’s facialist using Roship seed oil on her? All true, according to Glamour Magazine.[4]


There are some very good reasons why those who can afford any beauty treatment they desire stick to Rosehip seed oil. Here are the most important:

Wrinkle Reducer-Rosehip seed oil helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.[2]

Scar Reducer-Rosehip seed oil is rich in the fatty acids necessary to help reduce the appearance old scars and help new ones heal more completely. It also works on keloids. This oil is approximately 48% linoleic fatty acids and around 29% linolenic fatty acid-one of the richest sources in nature for these two fatty acids.. [1,3]

Anti-Aging-Contains Tretinoin, which helps reduce signs of aging [2]

Heals Burns and reduces inflammation- Rich in Vitamin A, rosehip seed oil works beautifully to heal burns and reduce inflammation of the skin. [1,2]

Rejuvenating-Rosehip seed oil has been proven to reduce skin discoloration and cause new skin cells to grow. All this adds up to a beautiful, smooth new appearance. [1,2]

Hydrating-The skin loses moisture more easily as we get older. Rosehip seed oil is rich in the fatty acids that help the skin retain moisture. This is good, because hydrated skin looks better and heals faster. [1,2]


So how do you use rosehip seed oil? Oil can be messy to use, so we recommend using it in the form of a lotion. Lotions spread more evenly without dripping.  Lotion is an emulsion (suspension) of tiny oil droplets in water, so you are using rosehip seed oil when you use our platinum face lotion. Our lotion contains all natural oils with NO fillers or chemical additives.  Plus, our platinum face lotion contains other wonder ingredients like: Sea Buckthorn Oil, Tamunu Oil, Red Raspberry seed oil, Geranium Essential oil, and Horsetail extract (from the plant-looks kind of like bamboo).  If you were to buy all of these oils individually to mix together for daily application these would easily cost you over $150.00. But we have done the work for you and formulated the perfect face lotion!

Goodness Soaps products containing Rosehip Oil:


Pure Goodness Body Lotion with Rosehip Seed oil and Vitamin E



Aztec Fire Premium Face Soap with Rosehip Seed Oil and Tamunu Oil


Goodness Soaps Platinum Face Lotion with Rosehip Seed oil, Black Seed Oil, and Sea Buckthorn Oil




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Rosehip Oil-Get Supermodel Skin

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