Top Skin Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Top Skin Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Top Skin Benefits of Green Tea Extract

It is well known that Green tea is extremely healthy to consume. It has flavonoids, polyphenols, and all kinds of other goodies. Perhaps that is the secret that has kept is so popular throughout the ages. The Chinese have enjoyed green tea since the 8th century.

Chinese tea pickers

But did you know green tea extract has recently been studied extensively for the amazing skin benefits? Yes! It's true!

Green tea extract mask

Here is a quick run-down of everything we could find regarding the skin benefits of Green tea Extract.

 Skin Benefits of Green Tea Extract-links to the research studies cited can be found in the reference section at the bottom.


Free radical scavenger-Green Tea extract has been proven to reduce levels of free radicals when applied to the skin. (Hong, et al., 2013) (Mahmood, Akhtar, Khan, Khan, & Saeed, 2011)



What are free radicals? When oxygen enters our body as O2 it is split into two seperate, single oxygen atoms. These seperate oxygen atoms are unstable. They are roaming around the body missing an electron to complete their outer shell. That makes them highly reactive or "radical". Free radicals can damage proteins, nucleic acids, and all kinds of other things inside of your cells. Yikes! Scientists are even blaming them for cancer. If too many free radicals gang up on your cells it causes oxidative stress, like this:


 oxidative stress due to free radicals

Free Radical Scavengers are chemicals that have an electron to donate! So, they can give an electron to the free radical to stop it from crashing around like a drunk guest at a wedding, about to do some permanent damage.



Anti-oxidants and free radicals



Anti-Oxidants basically act like the responsible usher. They say "hey there miss Oxygeney free radical why don't you take this nice electron over to your table over there way back in the corner? Yes, right outside of those double doors...sit on down and sip it niiiice and sloooow." Then the Oxygen free radical takes the missing electron and calms down instead of this:


Disney hercegnőből Oscar-díjas díva – Itt az óriási Anne Hathaway toplistánk


Free radical at a wedding without an anti-oxidant around pictured above. Bout to do some major damage. 



Green Tea extract is packed with anti-oxidants that act as free radical scavengers!

 According to John Weisburger, PhD, senior researcher at the Institute for Cancer Prevention in Valhalla, N.Y. "Whether it's green or black, tea has about eight to 10 times the polyphenols found in fruits and vegetables." WebMD.




Anti Wrinkle Benefits!  Anti-Wrinkle-Participants in anti-wrinkle studies showed marked improvement when using anti-wrinkle creams with green tea extract vs. the placebo (Hong, et al., 2013) (Mahmood, Akhtar, Khan, Khan, & Saeed, 2011)


Anticarcinogenic against chemical carcinogens and UV induced skin cancer. Green tea has been extensively studied with regard to its anticarcinogenic effects on the skin. It has been shown time and time again to protect skin from skin cancer. Scientists have induced skin cancer via known chemical carcinogens, like in the study referenced here. Then green tea extract was applied topically, and results were measured. Green tea was not only shown to protect against the chemical carcinogens that were applied, but it proved to reverse the growth of established malignant and non-malignant lesions. (Mukhtar, Katiyar, & Agarwal, 1994), (Siddiqui, Tarapore, & Mukhtar, 2009) (Hong, et al., 2013)Anticarcinogenic against photocarcinogens


Oil Reducing-Research indicates that topical application of green tea extract appears to cause a reduction in the amount of oil produced by the sebaceous glands. More studies are needed to understand precisely how much. (Saric, Notay, & Sivamani, 2016


Acne Fighting-Promising studies suggest skin formulas containing green tea extra fight Acne vulgaris-the bacteria that causes acne. More research is needed for conclusive results. (Saric, Notay, & Sivamani, 2016)


Anti-Inflammatory-The outcome of the several experimental studies shows that green tea extract is anti-inflammatory when applied topically.   (Bouzari, Romagosa, & Kirsner, 2009)


Hyperpigmentation-Some studies suggest that certain types of green tea extract can inhibit melanin production, thereby treating melasma. More research is needed. At this time, however, it is interesting to note that there are some patents for products containing green tea extract to treat hyper-pigmentation. (유세진, et al., 2015)

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Top Skin Benefits of Green Tea Extract 


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Skin Benefits of Green Tea Extract

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