Updates, Rewards, and News!

Posted on August 22 2016

We've built a new site just for you!

There is so much good news! Lets get right to it. Here are the updates we have made to our website and other items that affect you!

  • Fast load time. The load speed of the website has gone from over 7 seconds to less than 1 secondWe're sorry the old one was so slow. Thanks for putting up with it all this time. We have worked really hard to make everything faster and better for you.
  • New rewards program (Bubbles) (go sign up). You get rewarded for referring friends, following us on twitter, purchasing products, and just for having a birthday! See the rewards page for all the ways you can earn bubbles. 
  • Subscription. Get any individual product on subscription. Cancel any time or skip a month with total flexibility. 
  • Amazon Pay. This means you can use the card information you have stored in amazon instead of entering new card info every time. 
  • Blogs on hot skincare topics. These are a cut above the average click-bait article. 
  • Gift cards. Now you can purchase gift cards without any additional processing fee and they will be e-mailed right to the recipient. We also have some slick black pop up boxes on the way if you want to order a physical, gift wrapped card.
  • Beautiful new gift wrap options. Pictures of the ribbon you can choose from are up!
  • Streamlined shopping experience. This one you just have to see! Click around and let us know what you think!
  • Affiliate Program-We have an affiliate program that pays 10% of the purchase price to people who send customers to our sitewhen you send customers to our site and they buy something. All you need to do is sign up for the affiliate program. Then, post our pictures with your individual affiliate link (provided immediately after sign up). After that, the customer is tied to you for whatever purchase they make, even recurring subscription purchases. This is the case as long as you remain an affiliate. There is no sign up fee. See our affiliate tab to become a part of the program.

and coming soon:

  • More gift packages to choose from at varying price points
  • Dead sea bath salts-scented in a variety of luscious scents
  • Special Events information page for Weddings and favors for special events like Sweet Sixteen birthday packages, Corporate gifts, and more! Right now we do these things on an individual basis. Soon there will be structured packages to choose from.
Overall, we think you will love your new site, and get a lot out of the time-saving feature of subscription purchases and rewards. We appreciate you so much, and we know your time is valuable and that is the reason for making these changes. Please let us know what you think.



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