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Goodness Soaps was started in 2015 by Jennifer Dimitriu, a graduate of Oregon State University college of science. She holds a B.S in General Science with a chemistry minor. She chose to start a natural skincare company because it seemed like there should be higher quality, and more colorful/fun natural skincare products available.  Goodness Soaps offers something better: handcrafted, truly premium soaps, lotions, bath bombs, and facial scrubs that are made from scratch in beautiful colors and designs.


These skincare products are formulated from premium oils like: avocado, virgin coconut oil, sunflower, olive, macadamia, kukui, red raspberry seed, pumpkin seed, black seed, meadowfoam, apricot kernal, red raspberry seed oil, rosehip seed oil, sea buckthorn oil....and more!

The fatty acid profiles of each new product are analyzed to ensure your skin is being fed every time it is washed, and that is why you glow when you use goodness soaps. No artificial foaming chemicals are used in our recipes, because they are not needed to get big, luscious bubbles and thick foam when the right combination of base oils are used.  That means our soap does not dry your skin.  Your skin will look and feel bright and hydrated after you use Goodness Soaps products.  

You have likely been using soaps that contain artificial foaming enhancers, which dry the skin and cause redness (sodium laureth sulfate-for example). These commercial soaps also have skin-loving natural gylcerin stripped away.  Goodness Soaps gives you the best of everything nature can provide without adding any skin damaging chemical additives and without removing helpful natural moisturizers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Location and Sales: Goodness Soaps is located in Medford, Oregon. We only sell online or through representatives who own their own location (such as day-spas and small shops).
Giving Back: Goodness Soaps gives to charities by making soaps dedicated to the cause, or sometimes taking a portion of monthly sales and sending it to a charity. Charities we currently have benefit soaps for include Phoenix Patriot Foundation,  The Rainforest Trust, and The Live Monarch Foundation. The purchase of each of these bars will donate a dollar to the designated charity.  We have a passion for helping nature, veterans, and the homeless. If you would like to contact us about helping with a fundraiser for one of these causes we would love to hear from you!
Vegan and sustainability concerns:
Palm Oil: We use palm oil in our soaps. All of our palm oil comes from Crafter's Choice brand, and is sustainably sourced. Crafter's choice palm oil comes strictly from members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO certification requires producers to follow strict standards to cultivate sustainable palm oil. RSPO criteria states, "no primary forests or areas which contain significant concentrations of biodiversity (e.g. endangered species) or fragile ecosystems, or areas which are fundamental to meeting basic or traditional cultural needs of local communities (high conservation value areas), can be cleared.” Additionally there are standards that require fair treatment of workers according to local and international labor rights standards.
Vegan Friendly: All products are Vegan friendly except the baby bumble bars-those contain buttermilk. One caveat, Beeswax and raw honey may be used,  but I'm not sure why vegans may object to the use of these ingredients. Maybe you can e-mail or message us and let us know. 
If there is product idea you would like to see added to the site just shoot us an e-mail, facebook message, or give us a call (541-283-6364)! We add new products inspired by our customers all the time. Don't be shy! 

Contacting Us

There are several ways to contact us. The easiest is to "Like" the facebook page and message us there. That way we know exactly who we're talking to, what area you live in, and all the important stuff.
We respond to messages usually within the hour.  Or, you can go classic and just pick up the phone: (541) 283-6364. Leave a message and we will call you back same day.
E-mail works too! e-mail us at Lets avoid physical snail mail unless there is a really good reason to go that route: 3491 Blue Blossom Dr. Medford, Or 97504.

Custom Orders

For custom orders, these are the fragrances we currently have available. This list is regularly updated. We can get additional fragrances for an extra fee:
  • Acai berries and satin
  • Alpine frost
  • Angel-similar to angel rising star perfume
  • Apple pie
  • Bamboo lotus
  • Bergamont and White Tea
  • Bitter almond
  • Black raspberry vanilla
  • Blood orange and gogi berries
  • Blue agave
  • Butterfly orchid-honeysuckle
  • Candied plum
  • Caribbean smoothie
  • Chocolate lavender
  • Coconut lime verbena
  • Cool coconut
  • Cool Water-similar to cool water cologne
  • Cucumber melon
  • Cranberry
  • Cranberry Fizz
  • Drakkar Noir-similar to the cologne
  • English Tea Rose
  • Fresh cut grass
  • Fresh ginger lime
  • Garden mint
  • Ginger patchouli
  • Green Tea and cucumber
  • Hello Sugar-Sweet pea
  • Honey almond
  • Honey patchouli
  • Leather
  • Lemon Poundcake
  • Magnolia
  • Mango coconut
  • Market peach
  • Oatmeal, milk, honey
  • Ocean water
  • Orange sapphire
  • Peach sangria
  • Pink bubble gum
  • Polynesian hibiscus
  • Rootbeer float
  • Sandalwood
  • Spiced chestnut
  • Stormy nights
  • Summer honey
  • Tobacco leaf and amber
  • White chocolate
  • Wild berry tulips
Essential Oils Available:
  • Anise
  • Bay Rum
  • Bergamont
  • Calendula
  • Cedar Wood
  • Citronella
  • Clove
  • Eucalyptus
  • Fir Needle
  • Geranium
  • Lavender 30/32
  • Lemon
  • Lemongrass
  • Patchouli
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Sweet Orange
  • Tea Tree


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