Goodness Soaps Founding Information
How did you start? What are you all about? Did you just wake up one day and have a vision of soap?
Goodness Soaps was started in 2015 by Jennifer Dimitriu. She chose to start a natural skincare company because it seemed like there should be natural products with a more fun style. She personally doesn't like the brown, natural looking soap with little buds stuck in it, wrapped in a cigar band. That's probably because she's from Oregon and she got bombarded by brown patchoulli soap and hemp products every time she went to Portland. That stuff loses it's novelty fast. So anyway, her soul was crying out to see more creativity combined with premium natural ingredients. So one afternoon she bought some beautiful natural soap from a craft fair in Ashland, Or. It was improperly made and improperly cured. It dissolved into a disgusting pile of goo and also gave her chemical burns. That was the last straw in a long quest to find the right bath and body products! She started to think "I wonder if I could do better than this myself". She was doing volunteer work for the Salvation Army after school program at the time, and saw how great the need is for people to make individual contributions in their community. So then she thought maybe she could put those two ideas together and make something that most people would like (cool looking natural soap that doesn't melt your face) so that it could be used as a fundraising tool to help people raise money for causes they care about. And here we are today. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Goodness Soaps is not a non-profit. It is a small business that makes a great product and tries to help people do good with it by making it available for fundraising. Goodness Soaps also helps to facilitate and organize the fundraising efforts. For example: We design/provide the order sheets for door to door sales, make custom products if requested, make custom social media posts, write and informational blog post to centralize info about the fundraiser and order sheet downloads, and craft e-mail campaigns to send from mailchimp if our fundraising customer doesn't know how to do that kind of marketing. We are definitely NOT marketing experts, but we help where we can, dependent on order volume. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our goal is to make enough money to stay in business, and help people do good in their communities every day. That's it. We're not trying to become the new LUSH. We're not trying to be sold in Sephora. We just want to keep going and keep helping. You can help by joining our mailing list, sharing any of our blog posts or products, following us on Instagram and twitter, forgiving our amateurish social media ways, and if you are so inclined.....buying some products.
Who are some of your crafting and soap inspirations? Any recommendations for people trying to learn to make soaps and stuff?
My first inspiration is my mom. She was the first person I ever made soap with, and we always had crafts in the house when I was young. Mom is excellent at all of the following: cooking-everything from sauces to baking and candy-making, quilting, gardening-all types of flowers as well as fruits and vegetables, and knitting. I remember her trying so many different kinds of crafts and it always made me think I could do the same thing. She had a set of crafting encyclopedias. When I was too young to read everything I would sit and try to figure out what they said. Then, at about 8 years old I saved up my money and wanted a chemistry set. She let me get that, so the rest is inevitable. Mom was also my first customer, and my biggest customer for a long time. She was the primary product tester and is still the first to give me much needed critical feedback and suggestions before a mistake is produced in very large batches! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Soaping Influences. I can't place links in this section, so you will have to google these people, sorry. ---------------------------------------------------------------- As a soaper, my biggest influence is Anne-Marie Faiola. Anne-Marie is the founder of Brambleberry and Teachsoap.com...and I'm sure she's started a few more companies that are taking off like a rocket as well. She's quite a business-woman as well as a soaper! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Anne-Marie puts out exceptional quality educational soap videos that are consistent and easy to follow. The measurements and recipes are provided as well as resources for ingredients. If you want to learn how to make soap, lotion, or bathbombs and have zero background, don't ask me! Go to her sites :) She will introduce you to other soap resources in her videos. She has a great book: Pure Soap-Making that I highly recommend in hardback. If you stick with soap-making you will pull it out and use it many, many times and get oil all over it, so hard-back is essential. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Biggest Lotion-Making Influence: Anne L. Watson, author of Smart Lotion-making. This is the most no-nonsense, practical, right down to business lotion-making book you will find. Anne knows what she is talking about and will detail not only GREAT recipes, but also important procedural notes that you need to follow concerning lab technique for proper sterilization, sources for lotion-making supplies, and more stuff that I'm not thinking of right now. I bought Anne's book in hard copy and e-book. I am constantly referencing it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Biggest Bath Bomb influence: Holly Port, Author of Make it Fizz. I give this book 10 out of 10 and credit it with saving my sanity. It also saved my kitchen from many bath bomb accidents. Thank You Holly. You are forever my bath bomb hero. ---------------------------------------------------------------- You-tube soapers that have helped me so much: Hand Made in Florida--- Dandelion---- Etsuko Watanabe--- Soap Queen TV---- ---------------------------------------------------------------- Biggest Photography and research influence: My husband, Dr. Dan-Andrei Dimitriu. Dan is constantly supporting my efforts to get the perfect shot of my products. He takes most of the photos and has insisted on teaching me photoshop despite my stubborn resistance. If it weren't for Dan, I am so lazy or laid-back or whatever you want to call it, that I know I would accept a much worse picture and think "that's good enough". Without Dan's perfectionism and attention to detail this website wouldn't present anywhere near as well as it does today. Dan is also a constant help when I am trying to sift through scientific studies and understand technical language. My education consists of a B.S degree and I get lost trying to decipher all of it sometimes. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Motivationally, my biggest influence is my daughter. I want to build a company that she will be proud of, and may want to run some day. My other big motivation is to try and build a company that is successful enough that it can continue to be a source of charity for fundraisers. The goal of Goodness Soaps is not to become the most successful company. We want to be just successful enough to stay in the game, do some good every day, and make the very best products. ---------------------------------------------------------------- My Photoshop Heroes are on Youtube, and they are Phlearn and Terry White. If you want to learn how to make your pictures look better, and you have NO IDEA how to use photoshop, these two youtube accounts are all you need to know. You will also need an Adobeonline subscription. _____________________________________________________________ Shopify is one of the best things that has happened to my little company. The apps they offer make it possible for my site to look like I actually know what I'm doing. I don't, but the people who wrote the apps do! They also offer tons of really helpful articles about selling online and other practical resources for small business. For example, they put together free stock photography for the most popular new online businesses of 2018. Online cosmetics were among them. How thoughtful is that? I get most of my photos from Adobe stock, because I already pay for it. But this is a great example of the effort shopify makes to try and help very small online businesses. ______________________________________________________________ I will update this section as I acquire more influences!
How is Goodness Soaps Unique?
Better Offerings
These skincare products are formulated from premium oils like: avocado, virgin coconut oil, sunflower, olive, macadamia, kukui, pumpkin seed, black seed, meadowfoam, apricot kernal, red raspberry seed oil, rosehip seed oil, sea buckthorn oil....and more! Our products are all natural with the exception of a few that are made with a scent oil rather than essential oil.

The fatty acid profiles of each new product are analyzed to ensure your skin is being fed every time it is washed, and that is why you glow when you use goodness soaps. Attention is concentrated on rounding out each soap and lotion so that essential fatty acids are included. We create each soap with the goals: optimal skin nutrition,optimal lather, optimal cleansing, optimal bar hardness, optimal creaminess and conditioning (dependent on the purpose of the bar). No artificial foaming chemicals are used in our recipes, because they are not needed to get big, luscious bubbles and thick foam when the right combination of base oils are used. That means our soap does not dry your skin. Your skin will look and feel bright and hydrated after you use Goodness Soaps products. Our philosophy is to make the best possible product. We try to make the soap, lotion, aand bath bombs that we would come back for

You have likely been using soaps that contain artificial foaming enhancers, which dry the skin and cause redness (sodium laureth sulfate-for example). These commercial soaps also have skin-loving natural gylcerin stripped away. Goodness Soaps gives you the best of everything nature can provide without adding any skin damaging chemical additives and without removing helpful natural moisturizers
Do you offer a military discount? How about other discounts?
Yes, we offer a military discount for active duty and veterans. We offer a discount for teachers and professors. We offer a discount for medical professionals. And we offer a discount for first responders. These are 25% discounts. Please place your order and leave a note about whether you are a veteran, police officer, teacher, doctor, etc....we will then review your social media profiles, tag your account to indicate your status, and send you a personalized discount code for future use. We will refund 25% on the first order after all this is complete since you won't have the coupon code at that point. Thank You for your public service. This discount cannot be combined with any fundraisers, since we contribute 25% toward fundraisers. Also cannot be combined with any special sales. If you have questions just message or call 541-283-6364.
Location and Sales
Where Can I Find You?
Goodness Soaps is now located in Davidson, North Carolina. We only sell online or through representatives who own their own location (such as day-spas and small shops). We also participate in fundraisers where community members may sell to their communities in person.
Why is it $10.00 to ship 2 bars of soap, but free shipping if I spend $45.00? It costs us $10.80 to ship those two bars of soap, that's why it costs you $10.00. Shipping is free if you spend over $45.00 because the shipping charge stops increasing steeply once we have to send a small package. So it costs around $11-$15.00 to ship a 6 bar order (over $45.00). We offer free shipping over $45.00 because it is a much better deal for both of us if your money goes toward products instead of shipping. We also read in a book that people want free shipping. This is the lowest breakpoint where we could do it.
Giving Back
Charities and Fundraisers
Goodness Soaps regularly gives to charities by making soaps dedicated to the cause, or sometimes participating in fundraisers for schools and other non-profit groups. we currently have a fundraiser going through February 2018 to help Baker Prairie Middle School students pay for an educational trip abroad. Sales Material for the Baker Prairie fundraiser is here in .jpg format and here in pdf format.
Fundraisers-How to get one started!
Want to plan a fundraiser with Goodness Soaps? Please e-mail us your contact information and let us know all about your goals, past fundraisers, and timeframe. We will be happy to try and work with you. We will likely want to help with your fundraiser as long as it is a positive effort. For example, helping raise funds for school band instruments or an after-school program for underprivileged kids would be examples of two things we are interested in doing. Raising money for protests or marches is something we will not do-any protest or march. There are too many good things that need to be built for us to focus our time and energy on helping people stand around and complain. People certainly have the right to do so, we just don't have the energy to fuel that kind of thing and complainers tend to cannibalize their own support systems. NO THANK YOU. So, if you're a builder, bring your cause and we'll throw our tiny weight behind it! Yes, religious causes are fine. Yes, LGBTQ related causes are fine. These are your causes, not ours. What is the most important is that the cause is positive, is building something instead of tearing down or complaining/protesting, and that there is a motivated group with you to make the effort successful. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We reserve the right to refuse any fundraiser for any reason, no questions asked.
Fundraising Percentage
We give 25% of gross sales back to the charity fundraiser groups. We still extend the free shipping offer as well for these orders and allow ordering online for individuals as well as group ordering through the fundraising order sheet in batches.
Natural and Eco Conscious
Palm Oil
We use palm oil in our soaps. All of our palm oil comes from Crafter's Choice brand, and is sustainably sourced. Crafter's choice palm oil comes strictly from members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO certification requires producers to follow strict standards to cultivate sustainable palm oil. RSPO criteria states, "no primary forests or areas which contain significant concentrations of biodiversity (e.g. endangered species) or fragile ecosystems, or areas which are fundamental to meeting basic or traditional cultural needs of local communities (high conservation value areas), can be cleared.” Additionally there are standards that require fair treatment of workers according to local and international labor rights standards.
Safe and Pure-Vegan Friendly
All products are Vegan friendly, cruelty free, and all natural with the exception of a few that contain an artificial scent oil. Product description and ingredients will tell you"all natural", or if an artificial fragrance oil is used
We use Crafters' choice brand Coconut oil, Olive oil, Palm oil. Sunflower oil, Hazelnut oil, Castor oil, Sweet almond oil. Those are the major soap making oils in our recipes. All of these are "food grade" which means they do not have residue from chemical extraction presses. Essential oils and fragrance oils are also Crafters' choice brand. Crafters' Choice is the highest quality producer of ingredients for small/mid sized soap makers.
Where do you get your ingredients?
Our suppliers are in order as follows: 1. Wholesale Supplies Plus. They are a wonderful supplier for small to medium sized handmade cosmetic businesses. We buy all of our base oils, fragrance oils, essential oils, and bottles here. 2.Our next largest supplier is Nurture Soap. We buy our soap molds and Mica colors from this company. 3. Our third largest supplier is Lotion Crafter. We buy specialty lotion making and facial scrub ingredients like papaya enzyme, sterilized strawberry seeds, palma rosa oil, white willow bark exract, and other more obscure and/or specialized ingredients. 4. The Chemistry Store-We buy lye here. 5. . If we can't find it anywhere else, once in a while we can find something on smile.amazon. Rainforest Trust is our chosen charity on smile so everything we buy benefits Rainforest trust a little bit.
Custom Orders
Events-Large Custom Orders-10 bars or more
We do custom orders for special events. We can custom make:Bridal party gift packs, employee gifts, fundraising products in SCHOOL COLORS with CUSTOM LABELS. Natural soaps take 4 weeks to cure. If you want to custom order some soap please give 6 weeks notice. Lotion and bath bombs require 3 weeks notice. DEPOSIT-------------------------------- An advance, non-refundable 50% deposit is required at time of order to cover purchase of supplies.
Small Orders-10 bars or less
We can do small custom orders. Please call so that we can discuss exactly what you want. We need 6 weeks notice for custom soap orders because the soap takes 4 weeks to cure and harden. Cusstom lotion and bath bombs can be shipped in about a week, dependent on our order volume and whether you order a scent that is in stock, or if it is something we have to special order.
Contacting Us
We'd Love To Hear From You
There are several ways to contact us. The easiest is to "Like" the facebook page and message us there. That way we know exactly who we're talking to, what area you live in, and all the important stuff.

We respond to messages usually within the hour. Or, you can go classic and just pick up the phone: (541) 283-6364. Leave a message and we will call you back same day.

E-mail works too! e-mail us at goodness.soaps@gmail.com