African Black Soap-All Natural,Fair Trade, Organic

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African Black Soap

African black soap is an all natural soap imported directly from Ghana, Africa. 

African black soap is known for having a rich, bubbly lather and supremely hydrating qualities due to its high concentration (50%) of Shea Butter. 

African black soap is 100% natural and may be used for the hands, face, body or lathered as an effective shampoo. It is known as a natural source of Vitamin A and E, as well as iron!  African black soap allows for an all-natural cleansing process and does not contain any synthetic fragrances, color additives or animal ingredients. Vegan-Friendly, sulfate free, phthalate free, formaldehyde free. 

It is a soft block of soap and may be physically crumbly, but can be molded back into a solid form.

Product comes shrink wrapped and labeled with FDA compliant INCI ingredient label and Goodness Soaps logo. 

This is the only thing we sell at Goodness Soaps that we do not make ourselves. 

We choose not to make African black soap because this is an important source of trade for small businesses in Ghana who rely on Shea nut harvesting and Shea butter processing as well as African Black Soap Manufacturing. Buy African Black soap and help support small business here in the USA and all the way in Ghana, Africa. It's a beautiful thing!


African Black Soap Ingredients

Saponified Shea Butter* (Butyrospermum Parkii) and Palm Kernel Oil (Elaeis guineensis)], Lauryl Glucoside (coconut). *Certified Fair for Life - Social and FairTrade by IMO